Megh megh megh
Ákásh meghe dháká áj;
Ghare áchi vase’
Jena neiko kona kái.

Dháner cárá shukocchila,
Nebur phul jhare jácchila;
Átár phul kálo hacchila,
Casiir matháy vái.

Ávár dhará sabuj habe,
Sáyar jale púrna habe;
Dántii májhi páři debe
Niye panyer sáj.

Clouds, clouds and clouds alone –
Today, the sky is covered with clouds alone.
We all prefer to stay indoors
As if we have nothing to do.

The rice saplings were drying out,
The lemon blooms were falling off,
The custard-apple flowers were getting black,
The lightning has struck the farmer’s head.

The earth will turn green again,
The lakes will fill anew with water,
The rowers and boatmen will set sail.
With an array of merchandise.

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