Shayane svapane nidrá jágarane
Tomáre smarechi nishidin;
Kakhan-o bhávini bhávite párini
Tumi raye jáve acin.

E dharár amarár Tumi cira ápanár,
Tomár madhur hási náshe jata kleshrashi;
Tomár mohan vánshii marttye marme pashi’
Bájáy váńiihárá viin.

Vadhir cáturite múralii madhuriite
Vahe’ calo taraunger úhávohe saungiite;
Tomáte sabái liin,
Srsti Tomár adhiin,
Pranav Tomári shiinjin.

While lying, in dream, in sleep and wakefulness
I remembered You night and day,
I never thought nor could
I ever think You would remain ever unknown.

Of this earth and heaven,
You are the eternal kin
Your sweet smile removes all afflictions,
Your magic flute pierces the core of the earth
And stirs the mute viiná into play.

With the wit of Your cosmic intuition
And the charming sweetness of Your flute,
You drift on the crests and troughs of musical waves;
Everyone is merged in You,
The creation is Your subordinate,
The sound of creation is but the jingle of Your ankle-bells.

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