Ámáre phele gele dhulay avahele,
E jena jhará phule karile hatádar;

Vediite chilum ámi kiriiie divájámii,
Esechi niice námi dhulay haye dhusar.

Chile ámár práne chile ámár mane,
Theke jáve dhyáne asiim he guáaságar.

Kona kichu cáhi ná dileo nova ná,
áche shudhu vasana dhyáne heso manohara.

You left me stranded on the dust, uncared for,
As if You slighted a fallen flower.

I was on the altar, crowned day and night.
Now I have come down, grey all over with dust.

You were in my life, You were in my mind,
You shall remain ever in my meditation,
Oh infinite ocean of attributes.

I seek nothing from You,
nor will I accept anything if offered,
I have only one desire – to glimpse
Your smile in my dhyána,
Oh charming Lord.

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