Ságarbeláy jhinuk kuriye cali;
Bojhá beře’ gela bhár mane hale sindhu salile pheli.

Etadin jata kare’gechi káj,
Kájer ceyeo hayeche akáj;
Pare’ veriyechi mithyár sáj
Satyake gechi bhuli’.

Áj bujhiyachi jhinuke habe ná,
Muktá-shukti sahaje mele ná;
Rúp sảyarer arupa cetana
Raye geche cápá váli.

On the seashore I move about picking up oysters;
When the burden increases and feels heavy I throw them off into the sea.

The actions I have done so far
Have failed more than they succeeded;
I have roamed about wearing the guise of untruth,
Oblivious of truth.

Today I realize mere oysters will not do,
Pearls and abalone shells are not easy to find;
The Transcendental Consciousness of the ocean of beauties
Lies buried deep under the sands.

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