Tomár náme bhásiye dilum
Amár sádher tariikháni;
Uhávohe calbe dule’
Aharnishi bhay ná máni’.

Jhar-vádale ashanite
Kánpbe nako andhára ráte;
Dhyeya Tumi dhyán-o Tumi,
Diccha hátcháni.

Saorakarer svarna áloy,
Masiimákhá amár káloy;
Calbe beche’ manda bháloy sariye sakal gláni.

In Your holy name I set afloat
This cherished boat of mine,
It will float on and on, swaying over crests and troughs,
Day and night on a fearless journey.

In tempests, rain and thunderclaps,
It won’t tremble in the dark of the night;
You are the object of my meditation,
You are also meditation incarnate,
You beckon me constantly with Your hand.

In the golden radiance of glowing sun rays,
In the ink-black darkness of the night,
It will sail on and on, picking and choosing between good and evil
And removing all afflictions.

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