Gopiijanavallabha mela ánkhipallav
Tomár tare vase’ achi;
Tumi ságarer mani marme tulecha dhvani,
Tava karuńár kaná jáci.

Tomár liilár sthán shudhu ki Vrndávane,
Nece’ calecha Tumi manujer mane mane;
Kakhano prakáshye kabhu saṁgopane
Sabái Tomáre khunji.

Mana-Vrndávane rayecha mana-Gokule,
Tomár núpur tale atal niradhi dole;
Tomár adhar-venu carańdhúlir renu
Pete cái cáchikichi.

O Lord of the gopiis, open Your eyes,
I eagerly await Your awakening.
You are the gem of the ocean,
You have resonated the core of my
heart, I beseech a particle of Your grace.

Is Vrindavana the only site of Your divine sport?
You dance eternally in the hearts of all humans,
Sometimes overtly, sometimes covertly,
We all quest for You.

You exist in the Vrindavana and Gokula of all minds,
Under Your anklets the fathomless ocean sways,
The flute on Your lips, the pollen of dust of Your feet –
I long to have it closer and still closer.

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