Ánkhiyán Tumhiiko cáhtii hyány,
Páneko pyásii hyány;
Vrndávan ke vana vana men,
Vrajavasii ke man man men;
Yamunáke kále niira men,
Ek mohan hii ramatá hyáy.

Dhenu cale Tumhárii khonj men,
Venu bole Tumhárii áshmen;
Koyel roye khone kii lájmen
Viná cand andherá hyáy.

My eyes long for You alone, for You alone they yearn,
And to attain You, they thirst.
In the forests of Vrindavana,
In the minds of the people of Vraja
In the black waters of the Yamuna,
One Supreme Charmer alone regales.

The cows move in quest of You,
The flute sounds Your arrival,
The cuckoo weeps in the grief of losing You,
Without the moon, it’s all darkness.

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