Bhalabásá-bhará bhuvaner raune
Tiktatá dhelo ná,
Káreo kándite dio ná;
Mohaner rúpe smita dhúpe-diipe
Ashanti bharo ná.

Prabhát-prasun smita shatadal chařáiya dey priiti parimal;
Madhurimá mákhá álokojjval dine kálo karo ná.

Sandhyátárá bale mrdu hese’,
Sabár mamatá sabetei meshe;
Ketakiikeshar máhákáshe bháse,
Táháre rodhio ná.

Into the colours of this love-filled creation
Do not pour the black of bitterness,
Never let anyone weep.
Do not fill the beauty of the Supreme Enchanter,
amid soothing incense and lamplight,
With strife and unrest.

The smiling lotus of dawn spreads the perfume of love,
Do not turn this sweet and sunny day dark and sullen.

The evening star proclaims with a soft smile,
“The compassion of all showers on all;”
The pollen of the ketakii is afloat in space,
Let not this flow be stopped.

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