Dúre bhevechi Tomáy,
Kache takiye dekhini;
Sure bharecha ámáy
Bhalabása jánini.

Tumi chile ámi chilum,
Tumi madhu ámi kusum;
Jařatáy bhevechilum
Amár ámi-ke bujhini.

Tumi jánále nije
Åmi tomári je;
Je ámáy manane khonje
Take ár-o káche máni.

I thought You were distant,
And never looked near me;
You filled me with myriad melodies,
I knew not You loved me so much.

You were there, so was I,
You were the nectar and I the flower,
My thoughts were steeped in dogma,
I didn’t realize the “I” within.

At last You proclaimed,
“I am yours. Whoever seeks through constant ideation
Stays closer to Me.”

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