Práre ceyechi Tomáre,
Tumi ki debe na dhará;
Viińár ámár táre tare
Rayeche oi eki dhárá.

Kata divas kata ráti
Kata prahar kata tithi;
Shastrajináner kata vidhi shikheo
Halum disháhára.

Aj bujhechi sár katha
Bhalabásáy Tumi bándhá;
Rágráginiir dharábándhá
Shudhui kende’ habe sárá.

I desired You in the core of my heart
Will You not come within my reach?
Each and every string of my viiná
Vibrates with the same yearning.

So many days, so many nights,
So many hours, so many moments have passed,
So many rules of scripture I learnt,
Yet I lost my direction.

Today I realized the essence of truth —
You are bound by love alone;
The formal ways of various patterns
and sub-patterns of musical notes
Will only cry in futility.

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