Tomáre gheriyá Prabhu sakale ámrá náci;
E liilár ádi anta nái;
Ámár harire kabhu
Goloke nái khunji
Mohaner májhe yái khunje tái.

Nityánitya viveker majhe ácha Tumi
Acha Yam-Niyameri káje;
Ságarer mani Tumi dhamaniite tola dhvani,
Raye gecha rúpátiita sáje,
Báhire Tomare tái nihi pái.

Puspakorake pracchanna madhu Tumi,
Avicchinna tava gati;
Maner mayúr mor Tomár carań cumi;
Jece jáy shudhu parábhakti,
Sakal cáoyár sheś e cáoyái.

Around You, O Lord, we all dance,
This divine sport has no beginning, no end,
I never seek my Lord in Goloka alone,
I seek Him in the Supreme Enchanter.

You are there in nityánitya viveka,
You are ever associated with the practice of Yama and Niyama;
You are the jewel of the ocean,
You stir resonance in my veins,
You have remained ever in
Your formless guise,
Hence I do not find You in the outer world.

You are the hidden sweetness in flower buds,
Your journey is continuous and endless,
The peacock of my mind, kissing Your feet,
Beseeches supreme devotion alone,
This is the end of all longings.

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