Goloker Hari Gokulete ele
Káhár bhágyaphale,
Balo ámáy balo;
Rúpátiita chile, rúpe dhará dile kár tapasyábale,
Rúpe hale caincal.

Triloker venu bhuloke vájále
Dyuloker dhenu manane carále;
Chile madhumay hale sudhámay,
Bháve hale ucсhal.

Adite ámár chile je saunge,
Triguner Hari náca tribhaunge;
Liilar chande bhása ánande,
Dhyáne hale ujjval.

O Lord of Goloka, You descended to Gokula –
As the fruit of whose fortune? Tell me, please tell me.
You were formless, but now revealed in forms –
Whose power of selfless suffering made it happen?

The flute of the three spheres
You played in the worldly sphere,
The cows of the heavenly sphere
You made to graze in the human mind.
You were sweetness incarnate,
Now turned nectar incarnate,
You surged in waves of ecstatic trance.

In the beginning You were with me,
O Lord of three attributes,
You dance at three angles;
In rhythm with Your divine sport You drift in bliss,
You became radiant in my dhyána.

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