Ke se Ajáná Pathik
Man mátiye ráuniye gela;
Ke se chila se kśarik
Anante duliye dila.

Susmita sumadhur hás
Náshe jata trás-ripu-pásh;
Niráshe bhare’ ullás
Kon se devatá esechila.

Ajio táre khunje’ jái,
Siimáy asiime náhi pái;
Bandhane krandane nái,
Kothay se kena lukála.

Who is that Unknown Traveller
Who intoxicated my mind, coloured it and left?
Who is the one that stayed for a while
And vibrated everything to eternity?

His benign and sweet smile
Destroys all fears, passions and fetters.
Turning despair into exuberant delight,
Who is the god who came?

Even today my quest for Him is on,
In the finite and in the infinite,
I find Him nowhere;
He is neither in any kind of bond nor in cries of despair,
Where did He hide and why?

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