Bhaja re Ista nám man ámár,
bhaja Ista nám;
Srsti-sthiti-tátei nihita,
Táhátei sheś pariňám.

Dilen je purus e amrta nám,
Tini-i jánen er nava dhám;
Dharár dhúláy ei abhiram
Shune’ jáo avirám.

Je amrta loke áchen se Srastá,
Amrta jagater bháunen se spardha;
Sakal dháraker ekak se dharttá
Se ámár mohan suthám.

O mind of mine, keep repeating the cosmic name,
The creation and preservation are all embedded in it,
Everything ends in it.

The Supreme Lord who gave this immortal name
Alone knows where its new abode will be;
Remain on the dust of this earth
And listen constantly to this sweet name.

The Supreme Creator of the realm of immortality
Destroys the arrogance of the kingdom of untruth;
He is the unique container holding all other containers,
He is my charming Lord, sweet and beautiful.

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