Tumi bhulecha more,
Ámi bhuliniko Tomáy;
Aj-o Tomár kathả smare’
Mor ánkhi vay shatadháráy.

Prabháte arunodaye
Púrvákáshe dekhi ceye;
Tumi ácha ámáre cheye
Mor manane ánkhitáráy.

Sánjher astácaler raviraktimá
Bholáy sabi;
Tári májhe Tomári chavi bhese áse

You may have forgotten me,
But I haven’t forgotten You;
Even today, in Your remembrance,
My eyes flow in countless streams.

When, at dawn, in crimson radiance,
I gaze at the eastern sky,
I find You pervading all of my being,
My thoughts, and the pupils of my eyes.

At dusk, in the western horizon,
the scarlet splendour of the departing sun
Makes me oblivious to everything,
Amid this ambience, Your image floats in
With all its charming sweetness.

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