Tumi práner parashe je águn jvele’ gele,
Amár pradiip tátei ájio jvale;
Tumi dhyáner harase je phágune ánále;
Táhari kusum surabhi ekhan-o dhále.

Shiiter jařatá sariyá giyáche,
Kali kalikáy varna phuteche;
Pika-kekárave ákásh dhvaniche,
Viná nimantrane malay ela cale’.

Tarushákhe shákhe kishalay náce,
Maner mayúr kalápe meteche;
Bandhanhará baláká svaniche
Práptir kallole.

The fire You lit with the touch of Your life –
My lamp still burns in that flame;
The spring You brought through endless bliss in meditation –
Its flowers still pour forth Your divine fragrance.

The inertia of the winter has receded,
Colours have appeared in buds and blossoms,
The sky resounds with peacocks’ resonant notes,
Uninvited, the vernal wind breezed in.

On branches of trees, tender leaves dance,
The peacock of my mind breaks into prance, spreading its tail;
The unrestrainable geese sound endless calls
In exuberant delight of attainment.

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