Jadi bhálabese’ tháka
Mor ghare Tumi eso;
Maner mádhurii mekho
Cidákáshe sadá bheso.

Jiivan Yamuna vaye jáy, giitir chande múrcháy;
Náhi máne belá-abeláy, tári kallole heso.

Tumi niipa kánaneri parág, nandanvane anurag;
Tumi shata bandhane vitarág, tái moha-nágpásh násho.

If You love me,
Come to my abode,
Smear me with the sweetness of Your mind,
And float ever in the firmament of my soul.

The Yamuna of my life flows on,
Fainting in the rhythms of music,
It bothers not about odd hours or normal hours,
Smile along its joyously roaring waves.

You are the pollen in the grove of niipa blooms
You are the love in the garden of paradise,
You remain ever unattached,
Though under numerous bondages,
Hence, remove the serpent-snares of all my attachments.

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