Tumi nei konakháne go
Balo more balo more;
Jedike tákái Tomákei pái
Saritá sáyare girishire.

Ácha anale anile dúr nabhoniile,
Bhúdhare niháre vitapiir múle;
Márava ságare shaśpashyámale
Vibhiisikámay timire.

Tomáy ceyeche kata naranárii
Svadeshe videshe tiirthe ghuri;
Payni kotháo shata klesh bari
Je náhi khuinjeche antare.

Where You do not exist
Tell me Lord, tell me please;
Wherever I look, I find You alone –
In rivers, oceans and mountain peaks.

You exist in fire, in soothing breeze and in the distant blue void,
In the hills, in snow and in roots of trees,
In the sea of desert, in verdant green,
And in darkness dreadful and deep.

Men and women in countless numbers have longed to attain You,
Roaming through the country and abroad
and visiting the sacred places;
No one had attained You anywhere even after numerous sufferings,
If they had not searched within.

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