Meghamedur ráte chande giite
Tomáre ámi Prabhu tusite je cái;
Klista dharáte sevá dhálite
Satata tava krpákańá jece jái.

Práñer prakásh mor Tumi ektárá
Digbhránta pathe Tumi dhruvatárá;
Atal apár Tumi sahasradhárá,
Khunje’ khunje’ tal náhi pái.

Jabe kichu chila náko eklá Tumi-i chile,
He Purusottama kii kare dhará racile;
Kiser áshe ek theke anek hale,
E prashner uttar nái.

In this delightfully cloudy night I desire to please
You with my songs and rhythms.
I pray constantly for a particle of Your grace
To pour out selfless service to this world
wallowing in untold miseries.

You are like the one-stringed instrument,
all emanations of my life originate from You.
You are like the polestar to one astray;
You are fathomless and boundless,
You flow in innumerable streams,
I search and search but fail to get to the bottom of You.

When before the creation You alone existed,
Oh Supreme Lord, how did You create this universe?
What did you expect when You, Supreme One, became many?
There is no answer to this supreme query.

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