Dhyánete Tomáke dharite cái,
Kena lukocuri khele’ cala; Man cây
Tomate mishe jái
Kena more pale pale chala.

Asiim ákáshe jave megh bháse
Candra-táraká náhi avabháse;
Jave megh áse mor cidákáshe
Tumi ki takhan more bhola.

He tiirthapati
Nikhil deule cirabhásvar kále o akále;
Náca Govarddhane niipe tamale
Liilábháse e kii priiti dhála.

I long to find You in my dhyána,
Why do You play hide and seek?
My mind yearns to merge in You
Why do You deceive me every moment?

In the infinite sky, when clouds float,
When the moon and the stars are no more manifest,
When clouds obscure the firmament of my soul –
Do You then forget me?

O Lord of sacred places!
In the shrine of the universe,
You are ever radiant,
You dance on the hillocks of Vrindavana
under niipa and tamála trees,
Through expressional flows of
Your divine sport, what divine love
You are pouring forth!

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