Mor nayane sadái bheso,
Misti hási heso priya;
Maner jata káli nesho,
Gláni já dúrapaneya.

Sršti-sthiti-laye ácho
Amáy shudhu bhule rayecha;
Kena nithur e liiláy metecha
E Máyájál sariye nio.

Máyár adhiish kapat to nao
Bhuvanátiish nikate rao;
Káňe káne sei katha kao
Vishve já sheś smaraniiya.

Flash ever in my eyes
And smile sweetly, O dear,
Destroy all the black of my mind
And the indelible filth within.

You are ever present in creation, preservation and destruction,
Yet You remain oblivious of me.
Why are You so rapt in this divine sport,
O heartless one? Remove these snares of illusion.

You are the Lord of Máyá, not a trickster,
The Supreme Controller of the universe,
yet You always stay near me;
Whisper the story in my ear
That is most memorable in the world.

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