Je gán Tumi geyechile priya,
Tumi bhulecho ámi bhulini;
Je sur Tumi bendhe dile amiya,
tár resh je áj-o shuni.

Gán bhese’ jáy urdhvakishe,
Nabhoniile táráy meshe;
Phule phale kushe káshe
Ananta divá-rajanii.

Gán vahe jáy nadiir dháráy
Jale sthale niihárikáy;
Mahodadhir urmmimáláy,
Emanti kabhu shunini.

The song You sang, dear Lord,
You have forgotten, but I haven’t;
The melody You composed was as sweet as nectar,
It still lingers in my ears.

That song floats high up in the sky,
Mingling in the stars in the blue void,
In flowers, fruits and swaying kush grass,
Through days and nights in an eternal quest.

That song flows through the currents of rivers,
Across water, land and the strings of nebulae,
Unto the surging waves of the mighty ocean,
I have never heard such a melody before.

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