Tumi jadi náhi ele mor madhumálainca májhe;
Tave kena bhare’ dile phule phule tár sáje.

Tava áloker melá
Raune raune liilákhela;
Ráunaye jiivanbela
Bhulaiyá bhay láje.
Bhuiye jiivani akhela:

Vajra-ashani dake
Krśńa megher phánke
Ali ese jhánke jhanke guinjare bhore sánjhe.

If You won’t come into my sweet floral bower,
Why did You beautify it with flowers and fruits?

The festival of Your splendour
And Your divine sports in myriad colours
Dye the shore of my life
Making me forget fear and shyness.

Lightning and thunder roar out
Through rifts in deep dark clouds,
The bees arrive in swarms and buzz, dawn and dusk.

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