Esechile Tumi ámár jiivane
Kata janamer púnyaphale;
Age jánáoni ghar sájáini,
Tavu krpá kare’ vasechile.

Mor málaince phutechila phul
Suváse kariya manane ákul;
Ektio málá gánthiya kakhano
hayni paráno tava gale.

Chila candantaru-aguru,
Tomáre tuśite he jagatguru;
Anande man upciyá chila
candan-aguru dúre phele’.

You came in my life
As the fruit of my virtues accrued through countless lives,
You did not tell me in advance,
so I could not decorate my house,
Yet You were kind enough to sit.

In my flower garden many a flower bloomed,
Their fragrance made my thoughts restless,
Not a single garland did I ever weave or offer.

There were the sandal and aguru to please You,
O Lord of the universe!
My mind brimmed over in bliss,
Leaving sandal and aguru far behind.

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