Priya Tumi priyatama ámár,
Acha jiivane ácha marane;
Mamatá-mákháno madhurimá
Tomár háse smarańe bháse manane.

Drpta pratiiti amará-nilaye, trpta ákuti parashita malaye;
Citta-cetanáy citishakti haye ácha kále kálávasáne..

Tomár ámár májhe dúratva dustar,
Tava karuńáy vádhá náhi tháke dúratara;
Antar májhe eso he antaratara,
Sarthak kare mor abhidhyáne.

You are dear to me, the dearest,
You are in my life, You are in my death,
Your sweetness smeared with compassion
Smiles in my memory and floats in my ideation.

You are the blazing faith in the heavenly realm,
My yearning gets quenched by the vernal breeze

Caressed by Your divine touch.
As the Supreme Cognition
You exist in the consciousness of the microcosom
In time and even beyond the end of time.

Between You and me, the separation is unbridgeable,
But by Your grace, the obstacles can be crossed;
Come in my heart, O most intimate,
And fulfil my quest through my all-comprehensive meditation.

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