Tumi ámár shudhu jáni,
Ami máni;
Rúpe Tomár mugdha jagat
Gun to mápini.

He Ajáná Pathik Tumi,
Calár pathe agragámii;
Anusmari cali ámi,
Tomáy cinini.

Kaite kathá mari laje,
Kariya jái Tomár káj e;
Sájiyá jái ajuta sáje, kárań bujhini.

You are mine, this only I know,
I accept it too.
The world is entranced with Your beauty,
I haven’t measured Your endless qualities.

O Unknown Traveller!
You are the pioneer on the path of my journey,
I move in Your constant remembrance,
Yet I failed really to recognize You.

To speak to You, I shrink in shyness
I keep doing Your work alone,
I decorate myself in countless attires,
I do not know why.

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