Prabhu Tumi ásbe jáni
Amár maner madhuvane;
Kariyá jái saṁgopane.

Astacakra navadváre
Je mandire rekhecha more
Sájái táre nitya dhyáne.

Tumi ámi niye e dhará,
Ar sakale Tomáte hárá;
Tomár májhei pújya tárá,
Vivek vicár ekathá máne.

O Lord, I know You will arrive
At the sweet grove of my mind,
Hearing, ideation and meditation
I practise in silent seclusion.

Eight plexi located at nine gateways
With articles of worship bathed ceremonially in the lessons of yoga,
The temple in which You have enshrined me
I decorate as the abode of the Eternal.

You and I make up this world,
All others are lost in You,
In You alone they appear adorable,
My conscience and reason accept it.

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