Tvamasi sarveśám pitá
Tvamasi mama Devata;
Tvamasi Trilokanáthah
Namaskrtyan Gaungádharam.

Visaye viśaye pújya
Ashaye áshaye jujyah;
Anushaye anásaktah
Násti tava kála-sthanam.

Iisho ‘si aniisho’si Tvam
Gunii guńátiito’si Tvam.
Gananáthah gaňaprabhuh
Devánámadidevah Tvam.

You are the progenitor of all,
You are my almighty God,
You are the Supreme Lord of the three worlds,
I salute You, the holder of the River Gaungá.

You are adorable in every respect,
You are linked with each and every entity,
You remain unattached to crude objectivities,
You are without time, without space.

You are the Supreme Controller,
You have no controller Yourself,
All attributions emanate from You,
You are above all attributions,
You are the Master of all humans, their Supreme Lord,
You are the first God of all gods.

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