Eta dáke ele jakhan
Thákiyá jáo ciratare;
Dhariyá thákiba carań
Jete náhi diba Tomáre.

Nayane mor chila ná ghum,
Vase’ keteche rát nijhum;
Cakor ese bale’ geche
Se cand ájo anek dúre.

Vrajer Gopál ámáy bhule
Chila ná niip tamálmúle;
Karńábharań áj-o dole
Se dole já tár núpure.

If You have come after so much calling,
Stay ever, I shall cling to Your feet
And never let you leave.

My eyes were sleepless,
I sat all through the silent night,
The moon bird came and gave the message –
“That moon is still far away.”

The Gopála of Vraja, oblivious of me,
Did not arrive at the root of the niipa and tamála tree.
Even today, His earring swings
In cadence with His ankle-bells.

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