Aman lukiye theke gele calbe kena,
Káche eso, áro káche ámár;
Manke duliye dúre jáo kii kare,
Mána na ki maner Tumi ádhár.

Phuler manke nářáy je maumáchi,
Bale bhevo niko ái áchi;
Jharńá náce nácáy upalráji,
Temni Tumi viina ámi je tár.

Ravir álo lage je válir gáy,
Tár uttápe se práňe upacáy;
Dehe mane atmáy je Tomáy cày,
Tár kathá-o temni bháva ektivár.

Does it do to keep hiding like this?
Come near and still nearer,
When you vibrate my mind, how can You go far away –
Don’t You accept that You are its very source?

The honey-bee that colours the flower’s mind
Buzzes “Don’t worry. With You I ever remain.”
Just as the fountain dances, making the pebbles dance,
You are the viińá and I merely its strings.

The particle of sand upon which sunbeams fall —
With that warmth its heart overflows.
Those who desire You in body, mind and soul –
Think of them also, at least for once.

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