Aye ho Tum jugonke bád pyáre;
Papiiha bole koyel bole,
Bolte hyáy mor more.

Jin dinon se liilá tumharii
Unhii dinonse pukár merii;
Rotii hány ánkhiyán ánsu bharii,
Jhumte hyáy man sáre.

Hyáy nahiin merii tapasya,
Injor nahiin hyáy amávasyá;
Rah gayii sirph ekhii
Cikiirśá bani caranrajakan tumhare…

You have come after long agés, dear Lord,
The nightingale and the cuckoo sing Your arrival,
So does the peacock.

On the day Your divine sport commenced,
On that same day I began to call Yoų,
My eyes weep, drenched with tears,
And my mind is lost in deep absorption.

I cannot claim any past penance,
There’s no light in my life, it’s all darkness,
I have only one desire left –
To remain as a particle of dust of Your feet.

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