Tomár katha bheve bheve’
Bhule’ gechi kánná-hási;
Bhule’ gechi cáoya-páoya
Akásh-cháoyá jyotsnáráshi.

Bhore je phul phutechila,
Nece’ hese’ metechila;
Suvás dhele’ calechila,
Se ki geche ándháre mishi’.

Aruñeri púrvaráge Parág-anurageri ráge;
Meghamallár diipak ráge,
Se áj-o bale bhálabási.

Thinking, thinking and thinking of You,
I am oblivious to my tears and smiles,
Also oblivious to my desires and gains
And floods of moonbeams kissing the sky.

The flower that bloomed in early dawn,
That danced and smiled in joyous intoxication,
Kept pouring sweet, pleasant perfume –
Has it withered into darkness?

In the crimson glow of the eastern horizon,
In pollen tinged with the colour of love,
In melodies of meghamallar and diipak
Even today it proclaims, “I love You.”

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