Málik ho mere dilke áras pe baso jii,
Nav cakra kii kaliyán khil rahii hyány,
Unkii khushbu se ramte raho jii.

Tum ho sáre jahan men jaungal-khoh-ásmán men;
Myány bhii hún Tumhárii jismánii jamiin men,
Is chote samreje ko bhii na bisráná jii.

Parastii tumhii ho tarakkii bhii Tumhii ho,
Átá hún, játá hún, manjil Tumhii ho,
Cartá hún girtá hún dekhte rahe ho,
Nazar kii iyah bulandii zárii rakho jii.

O my Lord, come and sit on the throbs of my heart,
The petals of the nine cakras are opening up,
Come get entranced in their sweet fragrance.

In forests, caves and the sky,
You are everywhere, I am also Yours,
very much in Your divine realm,
Forget not this tiny friend of Yours.

You are my only support, You are my well-being,
I enter and exit in an eternal sequence,
You remain ever my desideratum.
I climb and fall: You witness everything –
Let this strong vigilance continue forever.

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