Tum ho mere Kršna Jagatpati,
Myány Tumhe cáhtá hún diváráti;
Tum alakh nirainjan púrna jyoti,
Myány jugnú kii jot ksudra ati.

Tum ho srsti men ádi anant
Kabhii karál bhayál, kabhii dayál prashant;
Ek hansiise Tumharii vishva becaen
Khushii se Tumhárii jhume jaladhi.

Tumhare sath merii tulná nahii,
Tumhárii upmá Tum ho sahii;
Myany sroton ká phul baha rahả thi,
Túne mujhe uthákar sunáii giiti.

You are my Krśña, the Lord of the universe,
I yearn for You day and night;
You are invisible, immaculate, and the complete effulgence,
I am merely the light of the firefly, very small and tiny.

In the creation, You are the primordial and infinite Entity,
Sometimes frightful, dreadful, sometimes tranquil and merciful,
A flash of Your smile stirs the world into exuberance,
A wee bit of Your pleasure intoxicates the ocean.

Between You and me, there can be no comparison,
You are best compared to Yourself;
I was like the flower drifting in a stream,
You picked me up and sang for me Your immortal songs.

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