Tomáre káche peye man bhariyá geche;
Esecha hási niye
Nayaner mádhurii májhe.

Tumi jár Se avár kii-i vá cáhibe balo;
Shudhu hárábár bhaye
Ankhi je chalachala;
Pratiitir pratyaye tavu rayechi acaincal;
Ajináta anásvádita bháve
More ghire’ rekhecho.

Theko Tumi juge juge mor cetanáte jege;
Prapatti shudhui mage manana o caraneri káche.

Having You close, my mind is full;
You have arrived, with Your smile
Merged in the sweetness of Your eyes.

If one has You, What else can one ask for?
Only in fear of losing You Do tears well up in my eyes,
Yet, with my faith and conviction, I stay calm
A feeling, unknown and never experienced before
Surrounds me all the time.

Stay in my awareness, age after age, wakeful;
My ideation beseeches surrender alone at Your feet.

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