Ámár maner Vrndávane
Tumi Prabhu sadá rayecha;
Jhainjháte ashanipáte
madhudhára dhele diyecha.

Goloker Tumi Hari,
Gokule ele bháv dhari;
Sure laye chande gheri
Ajuta liiláy nece’ calecha.

Ghare ácha váhire ácha,
Dhamaniite dhvani tulecha;
Sudhárase bhare’ diyecha mánas
Madhur marma májh-o.

In the Vrindavana of my mind,
You are ever present, O Lord,
In storms and thunder squalls
You have poured forth streams of sweet nectar.

You are the Lord of Goloka,
You descended to Gokula in a blissful ecstatic mood;
Encircling all with Your melody, rhythm and beat,
You dance eternally in endless divine sports.

You exist both within and without,
You have stirred resonance in my veins;
With nectarean flow, You have inundated my mind
And even the sweetest depths of my heart.

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