Tumi ámár e sár jiivaner jenechi;
Tomári jináne Tomári dhyáne,
Tomári katha shune
Tomárei shudhu menechi.

Upala-pathe chote tatinii,
Chanda sáthe náce natinii;
Anuraktir ánankhani
Sabete tomáy dekhechi.

Kakhano kichui hay ná hárá,
Sabe satatai Tomáte bhará;
Tomáte mete saṁsár áche sárá,
Avasheśe bujhe’ niyechi.

You are mine – this I have known as the essence of my life;
With the knowledge received from You, meditating on You
And hearing Your gospels, I have accepted You alone.

In the river that races along a rocky path,
In the dancing-girl who dances in rhythmic beats,
In the visage that radiates love and affection –
I have found You in everything.

Nothing is ever lost,
All remains ever filled with You, In
You the whole world is rapt –
In the end, I have realized this.

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