Tvaṁ mama priyah tvamasi ameya
Vasasi manasi Vrajarája;
Candanacarcitah Kaostubhaninditah
Kimshukádhárah Mathurájah.

Tamála-niipavane veńukásvanane
Hasadasi priyah mama shayane jágarane;
Cintáyámasi krpáyář snapayasi
Vahasi antare dhiirája.

Agachhatu priya marme gabhiire mama,
Tuśáre dhavalatá hutáshe dáhikásamah;
Rtambhará dyutih svayambhará priitih
Vishvatiitah adhirája.

You are dear to me, You are immeasurable,
O Lord of Vraja,” You have taken Your seat in the minds of all,
Your body is anointed with sandal paste and most exquisitely
decorated with the Kaostubha.
You are the source of kimshuk flowers, O Lord of Mathura.

In the groves of tamála and niipa,
in the sound of the resonant bamboos,
You are ever smiling, my dear Lord, in my sleep and wakefulness.
I ever contemplate on You, I am drowned in the flow of Your grace,
You are in eternal flow deep in my heart, O the king of all intellect.

Come, O dear, into the depth of my soul’s being
Like the whiteness of the snow
and the blaze of burning fire; sustained,
You are beyond the universe, O King of kings.

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