Ceoná ceoná ceoná ámár páne aman vinati kare’;
Dharáy esechi káje,
Rekho ná ámáre dhare’.

Anádikáler srote bhese’ cali asheśete,
Upekśá kare’jái ulká-vajrapáte;
Tumi ese’mor pathe rodhite,
Rodhite ceoná more aman vinati kare’.

Race’ jába ei dhará phule phale pallave,
Sakal maner końe áshár álo jvalibe;
Atandra anidra rajanii kave saribe,
Ásibe ásibe ásibe jiivandhára
Bhariyá sudhásáre.

Gaze not at me so entreatingly,
I have come to this world to work,
Do not hold me back.

In the flow of eternity I am floating towards endlessness,
Ignoring lightning and meteors.
Do not stand in my way and stop me
Imploring in such a manner.

I shall re-create this earth with flowers, fruits and foliage;
In the corner of every heart the flame of hope shall burn;
When will this wakeful and sleepless night end?
A new way of life shall emerge,
Filling everything with the essence of divine nectar.

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