Rájá Tumi maner rájá,
Vishva Tomár adhiine;
Niiháriká theke anu-paramáňu shásane.

Tomár ádeshe phul phote,
Iungit elei ulká chote;
Tuungádri carane lote,
Pavan vahe svanane.

Sabár Prabhu varańiiya,
Sabái je Tomár-o priya;
Mor e anurodh mánio,
Sharan dio carane.

You are the king of my mind
And this universe is at Your command;
From the nebulae to the smallest atoms, all obey You.

The flower blooms at Your will,
By Your signal the meteors fall,
The high mountains bow at
Your feet And the wind blows whistling.

You are the adorable Lord of all,
And all are dear to You;
Now please accept my only prayer
And shelter me at Your feet.

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