Tomár ásáte he priya cakite
Sarila tamasá amánishár;
Je jekhane chila anubhave elo,
Ahamiká-bhár gela evár.

Marama májháre heriyá
Tomáre Manana ha’la je trpta;
Bahirantare sudhá-sarovare
Tava bháve saṁklrpta;
Jata bhed-bháv já kichu abháv,
Nati jánála carane Tomár.

Bhayleshahiin klántivihiin nirmal hala citta;
Láj tyajiyachi ghrńá bhuliyachi hayechi nischinta,
Bandhan mániná thámite jániná,
Ashis rayeche shire ámár.

With Your arrival, O dear one,
The darkness of black night disappeared in a trice;
Whoever was there, wherever they were, came within my perception,
And the burden of vanity was removed.

Finding You in my mind’s core,
My meditation brought me satisfaction
In the outer mind, mingled in the pool of nectar,
It remained moist with Your ideation.
All feelings of divisiveness, feelings of loss,
Cringed at Your feet.

My fearless and tireless heart became cleansed,
Shyness was forsaken, hatred was forgotten,
I am now freed of worries,
I accept no bond, I know not how to stop,
Your blessings ever shower on me.

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