Nirgun amvare damvaru saincare
Amvudarci sama;
Jágile je din srsti-sthiti-pralayer devatá mama.

Sedin chila náko kona visheśań,
Chila ná rúper sáj, chila ná ábhúsan;
Patrer marmar vihager kalarav
Chila náko kona kichu he Anupam.

Elo phul phal jal, elo madhurimá,
Elo mánuśer hiyá sudhár tanimá;
Elo jáhá kichu bhálo, sare’ gela sab kálo,
Práne práňe dhará dile he Nirupama.

Wielding the damvaru, the day when You emerged in the firmament
of Non-Qualified Consciousness
As the radiance of rainbow,
O God of creation, preservation and destruction!

Then there were no qualifying attributes
Nor was there exquisite attire, embellishments and ornaments,
The rustling sounds of dry leaves, the warbling notes of birds –
There was nothing, O Lord without equal!

Then came flowers, fruits, water and sweetness,
There came also the hearts of humans as graceful containers of nectar,
There came everything that was good and benevolent,
all darkness receded far away,
You revealed Yourself in every heart,
Oh Lord without equal!

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