Ek álo-ándhárer khela
He Prabhu Tomár e srśtite;
Alo dekhe’sabe jáy chute,
Kuyásá áse táre dhákite.

Cánder hásir pare andhár ráti,
Shuklá nishár pare krśńá tithi;
Sájáno pradiip sama tárár bháti,
Dheke dite jal-rode áse cakite.

Phulla kusum sama shishur hási,
Atulya rámdhanu shárad shashii;
Tháke náko beshii kśań, jay je bhási’,
Káler gahvare háriye jete;
Tái Tomar sharań cái sukhe duhkhete.

It is an eternal play of light and shade,
In this creation of Yours, O Lord;
Seeing light, all rush ahead
Mist races in to cover it up.

After smiling moonlight comes the dark night,
Dark fortnight follows a bright effulgent night.
The string of stars glitters like lamps, decoratively arranged,
To cover the sun, the rain arrives in a trice.

The smile of the baby like a full-blown bloom,
The matchless rainbow, the autumn moon –
Nothing lasts long but drifts away
Only to be lost in the cavern of time,
Hence we seek Your refuge in weal and woe.

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