Mor ghare ele, he priya kena gele,
Åmáy kichu bale’ gele ná;
E ásá ásá nay, man bharár nay,
Maner katha balá ha’la ná.

Viiná bájiyechile, man mátiyechile,
Akáshe jhara jhara priiti jhariye dile;
Balile bhálabása, keman bhálabása
manei jadi rahile ná.

Tomáte ámáte shata jojan dúr,
Tavuo tava bháve man je bharpur;
Diipake meghamalláre je báje sur táte
Rekhe’ gele Tava dyotaná.

You came into my room – why did You leave, dear Lord,
Without saying anything?
This coming is not the real coming, it does not fill the mind,
I could not speak my heart out.

You played upon Your viiná, intoxicated my mind,
You rained love in torrents down the sky;
You said You loved me, what kind of love was it
when You cared not to stay in my mind?

You and I are miles apart,
Yet with thoughts of You alone my mind has filled to the brim;
In the melodies of diipak and meghamallar
You left Your exquisite vibrations.

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