Tumi kii cảo ảmi jani ná,
Kii je bala bujhi ná;
Ke Tumi ajáná pathik,
Kśarek kena tháma ná.

Alakár áshis enecha,
Priitir pasará dhelecha;
Maner randhre bhesecha,
E liilá bujhite pári ná.

Jyotsnár cánde hesecha,
Rámdhanu raun mekhecha;
Varaśár gáne metecha He Arúp Ajáná.

I do not know what you really want,
I do not understand what You say;
Who are You, the Unknown Traveller —
Why don’t You stop for a while?

You have brought blessings from the divine world
And poured forth the merchandise of love,
In various pores of my mind You have floated,
I cannot comprehend this divine sport of Yours.

Through the radiant moon You have smiled,
You have smeared Yourself with colours of the rainbow,
You are rapt in songs of the rains
O the Formless and the Unknown.

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