Shivashaunkarah he shubhaunkara
Vishvabiijah Prabhu karuńá ákarah.
Rajatádrinibhah candrashekharah
Ratna ujjvalah maungaládhárah.

Tvam Namámi, satatár kuru krpám mám;
Prasanno bhava he citi-anubhava
Vyághra amvare bajrapinákakarah.

Samasamájatattve adhisthitaḥ
Tava gunárňavaí shástre akathitam.
Tava caranádhúlikańám dehi mám
Vishvátiita vishvadya bhiitihara.

O Shivashaurkara the benevolent,
You are the seed of the universe,
O Lord, and the mine of kindness,
You are like the silver mountain,
the one who holds the moon on His head,
You are as effulgent as a jewel,
and the source of all well-being

You give assurance to animals,
and protect them with Your scimitar,
I always offer You my salutations,
please grace me, Be pleased, O Lord,
You are the feeling of cognition in embodied form,
Clad in tiger’s skin and long horn in hand.

You are established in sama-samája tattva,
The ocean of Your attributes has not found mention in scripture.
Give me a particle of dust of Your feet
O Entity transcending the universe,
the primordial source of creation
and the remover of all fears.

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