Tomár e gán anidi káler,
Anante meshe;
Sure tale
Nabhoniile jáy je bhese’.

Kave shuru keu jáne ná,
Dhareo dhare’ rákhá cale ná;
Marma májhe ánágoná kare’ tháke

Tomár gáne Tumi ácho,
Vishve dolá jágiyecho;
Púrna práner chande náco
Madhuratama áveshe.

This song of Yours flows out of eternity
And merges in infinity,
In countless melodies and rhythms
It drifts on to the blue ethereal void.

No one knows when it began,
Even if grasped, it can’t be held back;
In the inner core of the mind, it comes and goes
In an infinite sequence of finitude and infinitude.

In Your songs You are ever present,
You have stirred vibrations in the universe;
You dance in rhythm with a soul that has attained fulfilment
In the sweetest divine ecstasy.

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