Srśtidhará dháy Tomári karuńáy,
Liila racanáy Tumi advitiiya;
Alakśyacárii cittavihárii
Sarvaduhkhahárii he param priya.

Tomáte ámáte mil anek Prabhu,
Jadio ámi anu Tumi je Vibhu;
Tomári spandane nandan candane
Nece’ othe mor anu-paramánuo.

Tomár sáthe mor vibhed kona nái,
Tumi cho ámi vence’áchi tái;
Tumi ná thákile amio akúle
Bhese’ jetum kon shunye ameya.

The flow of creation moves on by Your grace
In crafting divine plays, You are matchless.
An unseen traveller, frolicking in our minds,
The remover of sorrows, O dearest.

You and I are alike in many ways,
Though I am a particle and You the God;
Through Your vibrations and heavenly-perfumed sandal
Even my atoms and molecules are stirred into dance.

There’s no difference between You and me You exist,
so I exist; If You didn’t exist,
I would have drifted on a shoreless sea
Away to some immeasurable nothingness.

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