Jiivane marańe Tomákei ámi jáni;
Aloke ándháre Tomákei shudhu cini.

Rúpatiita Tumi priya Esecho rúpasáyare;
Bhávátiita cinmay
Bhálabesecha ámáre;
Budvud ámi, Tumi mahodadhi
Tomáke máni.

Esechi tava eśańáy,
Bhesechi se úrmimáláy,
Hesechi tava preśańáy, necechi tava jyotsnáy;
Asá jáoyá tháká Mor Tava svapane vibhor,
Se svapan ghire’
Amár jata ráuná jál buni.

In life and death,
I remember You only
In light and darkness, I recognize You alone.

You who are formless, O dear,
Have now’appeared in the ocean of forms;
You transcend all ideations,
O cognition incarnate,
You have given me Your love; I am a mere bubble,
You are the vast ocean, I accept You alone.

In the surging flow of my quest for You,
I came And drifted on the rows of billowing waves;
I have smiled feeling Your momentum,
I have danced in Your moonlight;
My entry, exit and existence –
I am entranced in a dream of You.
Around that dream I weave numerous colourful webs.

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