Ámár tare akátare kii ná diyecho,
Kii ná diyecho go Prabhu, kii ná diyecho;
Bhávjagate alakśyete ese vasecho.

Kaite katha mari láje,
Kii chilo mor, áj kii ache;
Chilum dhúlor ‘pare hatádare,
Káche tenecho.

Maner májhe chilo ná rúp,
Jvaleni diip sugandhiidhúp;
Chilum bhayal ráte tamisráte,
kole tulecho.

Aj bujhechi sabi Tomár,
Eká Tumi-i sárátsár;
Mor ektáráte niirav práte
Gáne hesecho.

You gave me everything bountifully,
I am amazed at all You have given me,
Invisibly You have ensconced
Yourself in the realm of my ideation.

To speak to You, I shrink in shyness
I wonder what I had and what I have now,
I was lying on the dust, uncared for,
You lifted me up.

I had no vision in my mind
No lamp was lit, no incense burnt,
I was alone in that dreadful night, s
teeped in cimmerian darkness;
You lifted me up onto Your loving lap.

Today I realize everything is Yours,
You alone are the essence of all essences
In my single-stringed instrument, in the silent dawn,
You have smiled through Your music.

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